What I do best is tell stories. 

There are two parts of telling stories: inside and outside the story. 

Inside of the story is what happens - who are the main characters, what challenges they overcome, who helps them, who threatens them and what changes as a result of their own journey. Telling a great story is a job for a writer, wise grandparent, random weirdo in a cafe, shaman. I am one of them.

Outside of the story is how it becomes meaningful - when it is told, for whom, with what purpose and what enables it to travel in order to deliver its message. Knowing these secret ingredients which make the social life of a story is a job for an anthropologist, diplomat, brand strategist, shaman. I am one of them too

Knowing both the ins and outs of stories is the difference that makes the difference. It is the answer to the question why some stories are good and others aren't; why we know of some stories while others wither away in oblivion.